Mariner Ibiza

Ibiza, near Ibiza Town

Closed - Opens on Friday 11 May 2018
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Mariner offers Spanish cuisine with a twist, blending local dishes with the best from international gastronomy. Holding a prime spot in the port of Ibiza, this unexpected gem hides in plain sight. With a remarkable attention to detail, Mariner brings you haute cuisine in the centre of all the action of Ibiza Town.

Located on the harbour prom sheltered by tall palm trees, Mariner is an open-air venue with an intimate terrace. Its understated elegance shines through in the details. Minimally decorated with vessel parts, the restaurant exudes leisurely luxury. With bougainvillea on the tables and Balearic lounge music in the background, the dishes match the lovely setting.

The menu offers a variety of fresh seafood and meat selections in an original combination of cuisines. The cold king crab and avocado roll, Ibizan prawn carpaccio ‘ceviche style’ and black cod with miso and yuzu are to die for, but every dish has something unique about it.

To top it all off, the presentation is artistic, almost too pretty to touch were it not for the inviting aromas. Most ingredients are locally sourced, including the wines, which are exclusively Spanish. An attentive staff will accompany and guide you through this culinary experience.

The menu and concept are the creation of Chef Oliver Pérez, whose talent is undeniable. His secret may lie in the variety of ingredients he combines to create distinctive flavours. Prior to this venture, he was head chef at the luxurious cabaret restaurant 'Lío' after working in Michelin star restaurants in Barcelona. Now in his second year running Mariner, he obviously knows his craft very well.

You wouldn't expect a restaurant of this calibre in the center of a tourist location. Mariner brings outstanding cuisine to the middle of the postcard, a definite pit stop. 

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Calle Lluis Tur i Palau 22
07800 Ibiza


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Opens on Friday 11 May 2018

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